As the cofounder of VisionFuel Enterprises, a company dedicated to fueling the creative visions of artists, brands, creatives, and entrepreneurs, I also serve a "Vision Coach". This new age title was given to me by my clients because of my eagerness to coach and motivate them to achieve their visions in music, building their brands or visual art. They say that I does this naturally, like a life coach, but I focus on brand development, the arts, and the production of impactful projects. I personally believe that if you have a God-given vision, you must bring it to life by any means neccesary so that it will benefit society.  My 3 core values of Vision Coaching are below:

DIRECTION - Goal Planning, Tracking, and Assessing

FORESIGHT/INSIGHT - Industry Predictions, Considerations, and Other Ideas

MOTIVATION - Encouragement, Tough Realism, and Warm Optimism 


Drew Church 

As the Founder of Solid Marketing Group and my childhood friend, Drew was able to successfully build his company from the ground up with the help of my vision coaching. For a full year, I worked closely with Drew on building his brand, while staying true to himself. Using my creativity to fine-tune Drew's image, has helped bring clarity to himself, his ideas and his visions. Today, I still humbly serves as "Vision Coach" to Drew. 

Gauge GVO-109.jpg

Gauge GVO

Gauge GVO is the founder of Good Vibes Only Productions, LLC. It is a creative conglomerate in Atlanta that serves as an indie record label, artist management company, and clothing line. I helped Gauge to achieve his entrepreneurial visions by doing a plethora of things; creating his website, customizing his artistic image, developing a creative resume for him, and much more. Gauge has stated that he is extremely grateful to have met me at A3C 2016 in Atlanta. After meeting him, he gained clarity on his vision, and we brought many of them to life. Today, I still humbly serves as "Vision Coach" to Gauge GVO.