I make dope beats & film dope stories.

Music producer, composer, sound engineer, creative consultant, visionary—that’s Wann D. Raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Wann D developed a passion for music at a young age that has continued throughout his adult life. He began his musical journey by taking piano lessons at the NC School of the Arts. While there, he studied Ear Composition training. He learned how to compose, and turn his own chords and melodies into well-crafted songs. As a member of his church's sound ministry, he learned the technical aspects of music recording such as reverb, vocal mixing, and sound dynamics. With those experiences, his destiny was coming into fruition.  He fused his knowledge of musical composition with sound recording, and became... a Music Producer.

At Morehouse College, he studied Business Administration and created the company "VisionFuel Entertainment, LLC" with his partner, (and now wife) Shade' Dixon. Their company, is dedicated to fueling the musical "visions" of its clients. Wann D uses his ambient, yet soulful, sound to produce in the genres of Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Contemporary Gospel, and Film Scoring. Meanwhile, Shade' manages the day-to-day operations of the company. She is an entertainment/startup attorney as well. 

Today, Wann D is continuing to hone his skills as a producer/ composer and is working with various artists in the country. His ear for music isn't what makes him different-but his ability to evoke the highest level of creativity and vision in his clients is unique.  Working with him, artists will receive musical masterpieces, (yes), but will leave feeling like creative visionaries-ready to conquer the world!

He is passionate about working with brilliant minds. And when asked by strangers, "Wann D, what do you do?", he simply replies:

-Written by, Someone close to Wann D :-)